Is It Necessary to Count Calories to Lose Weight?

Do you count calories in your diet program? Is it necessary to count calories? Some people say it is necessary, and the others say it is not.

Actually, counting calories precisely is very difficult to realize. Everyone must need different level of calories depending on their metabolism and activity. Thus, many people tend to miscount the calories intake overtime we eat. Every study claims that they have released the exact calories counting for both men and women. The study shows that men need 2,618 calories for their daily intake on average, while women generally need about 1,877 calories intake.

When we have such habit, this is a good alert for certain people who have health problems such as diabetes. In the program of diet, this counting application will lead you to better choice of portion and manage money in purchasing food supply. Always choosing the food with high fiber is the wise option. You will feel fuller in longer time and thus can prevent you to eat more calories and carbohydrate.

While disadvantages of the calories counting is more than the advantages itself. Many diet programs often manage the portion and the kind of food you must consume, but overweight people often eat larger portion or bigger meals than usual. Therefore, it is more difficult for them to count calories accurately.

Alternatives to calories counting

Are there other alternative instead of calories counting ? Yes.

Rather than counting calories, get more exercise. To stay fit and slim, you must consider to do exercise regularly. Next idea is about applying smaller portion. Remember that larger portion of meals contain higher calories that smaller ones. Try to eat smaller portions of your favorite food or order smaller portion of food in restaurants. It is easier to count calories in smaller portion than in larger ones. Build up that habit in your daily life. Besides, choosing the food with high fibers, you must consider foods with complex carbohydrate. It will take longer to digest complex carbohydrate than simple one. For example, eat wheat bread instead of rice. Good habit of consuming food often comes from good lifestyle. Avoid drinking alcoholic drink, soft drink that contains high calories.

Choosing the right food is much easier to do than counting calories. If you like eating chocolate, then choose dark chocolate or less sugar. In spare time, choose snacks that contain good fat and fruits such as walnut and avocado. Include more fruit and vegetables to your mealtime, then you will be able to balance the calories intake in the meal portion. Remember that fiber will make you feel full and can digest the food easily.