Top 7 Weightlifting Exercises for Overall Strength and Fitness Development

In the past, fitness knowledge was hard to come by; now, there are so many sources of fitness information out there ( magazines, websites, books, tv shows, etc). This would seem to be a blessing, however the overabundance of information has proven to be a curse to many. There are many contradicting sources of information, and many workout hard according to what they are told will work, only to not get any results and quit due to frustration. They think “why work so hard if I’m not going to get anywhere?” or “I’m just not meant to be fit.” An effective workout does not need to be long or overly complex.

Here are my picks for the most effective and time efficient weightlifting exercises. Several generations of fitness enthusiasts have used this exercises to reach their goals.

Squat: Known to many as the king of all weightlifting exercises. Most think it only works out the legs, but it is a total body exercise. The whole body grows stronger with squatting. Since the bar is held high up on the body (the upper back for back squats, top front of shoulders for front squats) the entire body is worked out. The muscles of the upper body and core have to stabilize the weight throughout the exercise while the legs are working to handle the movement.

Deadlift: This works almost all of the muscles in the body. The only ones not worked are the pressing muscles (chest, triceps, and part of the deltoids). The back and legs are especially strengthened. If you size and strength are your goals, lift as heavy weight as possible and you will grow brutally strong.

Bench Press: Seen by many as the truest test of upper body strength. The chest, triceps, and shoulders handle the majority of the work, but this lift requires the whole body to work correctly. You feet must be firmly planted on the floor-never bring your feet off the ground, despite what you’ve at the gym, and your back and core must support the movement as well.

Press aka Overhead Press: Before the bench press was seen as the ultimate test of upper body strength the Press (overhead press) was seen as the truest test of strength. With no bench to support you, your entire body has to work to support the weight, while the shoulders and triceps press the weight overhead.

Bent over Rows: Works out the exact opposite muscles used in the bench press. This exercise will help ensure even muscular development and help keep your posture aligned. If the muscles of the chest and front of shoulders are too strong, they can pull on the arms forwards creating a hunch over look. Strengthening the back evenly with the chest will avoid this.

Pullup /Chinup: One of the most effective bodyweight exercises. It will develop most of the muscles of the back, the biceps (especially during the chinup), forearm, and grip strength. Once you can do ten, start adding weight with a dip belt or by holding a dumbbell between the feet. FYI Pullup palms face away from you, Chinup palms face you

Dips: Describe by some as the upper equivalent to the squat, this exercise works out the chest, shoulders, lats, and triceps. Once you can do ten or more easily, you can add weight with a dip belt to increase strength and size development. This variation will allow you to get benefits similar to the bench press safely when you do not have a spotter available.

Whey Protein And Their Benefits

There are many, who would like to buy whey protein online India. But before that it is essential on their part to first know as to what are the benefits provided by it and why it needs to be taken in the first place. There are said to be several reasons for people to consume whey protein supplements.

Benefits derived

Firstly, it helps to add additional protein to the diet. It is something that is very much necessary to develop muscles while performing exercises regularly.

Secondly, intake of whey proteins can be easy and quick. It can help the individual to save on precious time, rather than cook foods having protein in it. But, one should understand that supplements sold in the market in powder or pill form does not act as a substitute for actual food that is consumed.

Depending upon the objective, be it losing weight, trying to gain muscle definition or to gain muscle weight, it is essential to take the most appropriate supplements which are good to the diet. Also, it would be important to eat right protein amount. If the person is looking towards gaining additional muscle mass or planning to develop muscle definition, in such a case, eating appropriate protein amount is an absolute necessity.

This type of supplement is known to be available in two forms, which is a pill or in powdered form. For the latter, the individual simply is required to add water and mix whey protein powder properly for forming milkshake. One can also add milk and water since these can be found in different flavors, tasting great!

Protein pill can also be beneficial to be taken since it can help to save on time, as swallowing is just fraction of seconds.

How to select the best whey protein supplements?

With plenty of them being sold in the market, the individual could be confused as to which one is to be purchased. It is essential to buy one that is of high quality and does not come with any type of side effects. This does not mean that the individual has to buy something expensive since there are available inexpensive ones, but would do require the person to undertake plenty of research and to understand better.

Crossfit Routine for Weight Loss: Questions and Answers

Crossfit is a highly intensive exercise program. It lasts just 10-15 minutes but might help you to achieve various training goals, including weight loss. According to a health portal WebMD, preparing your body not only for the known, but also the unknown – is the mantra for crossfit, one of the fastest growing strength and conditioning programs today. Continue reading and learn more about crossfit routine for weight loss.

What is crossfit?

According to WebMD: “It is not a traditional, specialized training program like doing isolated weight lifting for a certain muscle or aerobics. It’s also a very tough workout – not one to take lightly, especially if you’re not active right now.“ It combines strength training, weight lifting and endurance exercises. By doing crossfit you will increase your stamina, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and endurance.

How to burn more calories with crossfit routine?

You can burn a lot of calories doing crossift; however, all depends on the pace of the exercise and your weight. The faster the pace, the more calories you will burn. According to the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, you can burn about 207-326 calories per hour doing slow-paced crossfit workout and about 472-745 calories per hour, doing fast-paced crossfit workout, depending on your weight. So, if you want to lose weight by doing crossfit, you should consider fast-paced workout. Crossfit workouts are very intense but short, taking about 5 to 20 minutes. Exercise 3-4 times a week, stay committed to your routine, be patient and you will see the difference!

What is the right eating plan when doing crossfit?

Your diet should consist of:30% of protein

30% of fat

40% of carbohydrates

Eat more vegetables, meat, beans, nuts and seeds. Avoid sugary foods.

What is the best crossfit routine for weight loss?

According to an online publication Live Strong, the best crossfit program should require you to complete a short cardiovascular bout, such as running a quarter-mile, then move directly into a few strength training exercises, like squats, push-ups and deadlifts: “Activities are completed one after the other and all incorporate the large muscles in your body.“ This workout routine will help you to burn a lot of calories, lose fat, cause an increase in lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism.

Disadvantages of crossfit training for weight loss

Corssfit workouts for weight loss are not for the beginners. According to WebMD: “Not only are the exercises themselves risky, but performing them under a fatigued state, such as during an intense circuit, increases the risk of injury even further. A very serious, yet rare muscular injury known as rhabdomyolysis is also a major concern with participation in vigorous exercise. In short, rhabdomyolysis is a condition in which skeletal muscle becomes so severely damaged that it rapidly breaks down.” So, you should start your exercises slowly and increase the intensity gradually and drink a lot of water.